Weekend Wrap Up

Wow! What a fun filled, kid friendly weekend we had.  There is nothing better to me than tucking into bed at 9 pm to Netflix and my husband after spending the entire day with our kids. My husband works a lot throughout the week so weekends are our time as a family and we try to really embrace that.  Our weekend started Friday at 3:30 when my husband got home from work - he had really hurt this shoulder so we took it easy and helped the kids make some garden stones for our garden that we are planting next week (yay!!) and then headed to Cookie Dough Creamery.  Saturday we had family over and spend the afternoon at the Franklin Park Conservatory followed by time spent at home making dinner together, playing with their toys, and a sleepover for our five year old. Sunday our daughter had dance pictures so we started our day in tears looking at our beautiful girl all grown up.  I'm starting to prepare myself for her recital next week because I can guarantee I won't be able to hold it together.  When did she grow up?  After I pulled myself together ;) we headed to The Little Gym! A dear friend of mine and her husband recently bought The Little Gym from the previous owners and they had a party to celebrate. I first met Francie at The Little Gym because our kiddos were in the same class. We spent an hour every week watching them hold hands during class while chasing their younger siblings around the gym, and chatting. I am so glad that she owns The Little Gym now because I know that with her leading the way, great things will happen. Francie gave the place a major face lift and a huge energy boost.  It's like a completely different place.  My kids are begging me to start classes again.  Enjoy our pictures and look for more info on The Little Gym soon. 

Eryn GilsonComment