Weekend Wrap Up

Wow! What a weekend it was.  I keep playing it over and over in my head because it was just that good. It kicked off with Thursday's 'Clelebrating You' event that I hosted with Treehive Cafe + Play, and Fit4Mom Columbus North, followed by our new family tradition "Family FriYay", the MommyMile and brunch at Hubbard Grille on Saturday and then a full wonderful, adventurous Sunday. 

I want to thank everyone who came out on Thursday, it was an amazing event with a great turn out.  My heart is so full.  I saw some familiar faces and met some new and amazing women.  I hope you all enjoyed yourself and if there is ever anything you need from me, please let me know. 

My husbands new job allows him to have Friday afternoons off, YAY!!! Which started this new tradition of "Family FriYay" This week we got stuck in awful traffic headed to a place I really wanted to show my husband so instead we headed to the park and played for hours. Next week I will be better prepared.  

Sunday we went to brunch at The Boat House and then headed to Mohican State Park for some hiking. We "hiked" the Discovery Forest because it was a fun and easy trail for the kids.  I would recommend it. My daughter wanted more hiking involved and less trail (which I thought was awesome) but with our two year old with us, I wanted something for family friendly.

Enjoy some of our pictures! :)


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