Cherry Hawk Farm - Apple Orchard

One of our absolute favorite family activities in the fall is apple picking.  We would go every Friday if it wouldn't mean our house would be over flowing with apples.  ;-) We've been to a few apple orchards are Columbus and our favorite, by far, is Cherry Hawk Farm located in Marysville.

This apple orchard is different than anything I've found in Columbus, it's quiet.  I was amazed. There aren't bounce houses or ponies or anything fancy - just simple quiet apple picking with my family.  They have a large area of green space that you can lay a blanket down and have a picnic.  I, for one, appreciate a nice quiet space to spend time with my family.  

Okay, okay, the space is great - you get that but are the apples good?  Yes! They are delicious.  We went in the beginning of September (maybe late August)  and they lasted three weeks.  We always get a basket full so we have a lot and couldn't eat them all but we ate most and then made some fun apple pies, and did some fun crafts with apples with the rest of them.  


Eryn GilsonComment