My name is Eryn and I am the owner and creative director of 614 Mom. What started as a fun hobby when I started staying home with my kids has turned into a full time job that I am so in love with. I get to spend the days with my kids exploring and doing fun stuff and then I stay up until 2am writing about it. I run on little sleep, a lot of caffeine and a lot of love for what I do and the people I meet along the way. 😍

You can find me working and teaching at Haven Collective, working out at Life Time Fitness - Dublin and the Easton location, or getting my caffeine fix at my favorite coffee shops in town - Coffee Connections of Hilliard, LLC and Luck Bros Coffee House!

I’m also a Girl Scout Troop leader, the chauffeur for my kids, and the worst at packing a diaper bag. I always forget the ONE thing I need.

I am the only person behind 614 Mom so when you read something you know you’re getting quality information. I have really high standards so I am picky about what i share 😉 Seriously though, I won’t ever share something with you that I don’t fully love myself. That’s a promise.

I am not a parenting expert and I don’t claim to be and I don’t think anyone is really an expert in parenting if I’m being honest. Life is so different for all of us, and we all try our best.

I am a firm believer in acceptance, self love, and self care.

While it’s fun to share lots of fun stuff to eat, play, and explore in Columbus (and Ohio) the most exciting thing to me is being a welcoming space for women all over Columbus to connect, try new things, and have a ton of fun.

We host a lot of events so be sure to head to the Facebook page, and to the events tab to take a look. I hope to meet you very soon.