Meet Eryn

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by.  My name is Eryn and I am really excited to share my stories with you here on 614 Mom. I am loud, I love to laugh, I have poor time management (and I'm working on it), I love adventure and trying new things, I am a fashion addict and lover of fine art.  Take me to an art museum or the shoe department at Saks and watch my heart skip a beat.  I overthink every single thing and not one decision that I make has not been thought out completely. 

I am the mother of two beautiful, loud, high energy children, and married to the love of my life.  We are a blended family ( Riley, my husband, is my daughter Emmalyn's stepdad) and we have been really blessed to have made it work so well for us.  We have been together for over 4 years and it seems like it's been two seconds and a lifetime all at once.  I couldn't imagine my life without him.   I am so in love with my children, they are my world and they bring such joy and laughter to our lives. 

Probably the best way to describe me is passionate, because I am passionate in everything I do.  A phrase you can often here in our house is "Eryn I'm just not as passionate about this topic as you are" and it is so true, he's really not...but I love him anyways! :-) I also have a huge heart - I will drop everything and reschedule things to help you in a moment's notice.  I believe that when we help each other great things can happen.  I am a huge family girl and I credit that to growing up in really close, big families. 

Growing up around family businesses I learned the value in small business and so when I say that I am loyal to the local business owner I mean it.  I know that your business helps put food on the table, and your kids in dance class.  I have a ton of friends in Columbus who are local business owners and you will probably hear a lot about them in this blog.  

Working out is something I really enjoy but I also love to order a salad with a side of fries for dinner.  There needs to be balance, right!? ;-) My mom swears I'm the only one who does this - so if you do it too, I'd love to be your friend!! My favorite things to do are challenging work outs, like Barre,  personal training at B.O.S.S., or weight lifting. Over the years I have learned to love cardio and I am currently training for the half marathon in October.  I love to do fun runs throughout the year as well.  I also love yoga, and I'm looking for a great yoga studio.  

I believe that while I am a mother, I am still me at the core and just because I have littles at home doesn't mean I can't enjoy a regular date night, or a wine tasting with my girlfriends. This blog will be all about the mom who wants to explore Columbus with their kids, spouses, or by themselves.  Let me be clear, this will not be a journal of the lives of my kids.  That's not my story to share, that is their story to share, but what I will do is share our favorite places as a family and my favorite places as Eryn, and maybe an occasional picture or two of my beautiful babes - because sometimes they are too cute not to share! 

I would really love to get to know my readers so please reach out! 

P.S. I really love to laugh - so share some of your favorite jokes with me.