Jenny Beck Photography

As someone who seems to always have a lot of questions and likes to know every detail of how things will go these two things made me feel comfortable in our choice to have Jenny take photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  You just can't get these moments back.  

The day of our session Jenny made me feel so peaceful, I was still recovering and I was exhausted so I wasn't the best host but I didn't need to be and she reminded me of tha

Beloved Photography

Amy from Beloved Photography focuses on a different type of photography than one that I have ever explored before but it's not my favorite type of photography.  She really has a talent for telling the story and sharing the pieces of the puzzle that you may forget or simply overlook.  I am so grateful that she was there for us to capture our lives as a family of four and again as a family of five.  

Aaron Taylor Photography

Aaron jumped right in - he made sure we had all the detail shots we needed so we could be sure to thank the amazing businesses who helped our launch party become a success.  Aaron also set it up on his camera to be able to send me some of the photos immediately because I was running the @livecolumbus Instagram page for the day. He was the calm in the chaos, he was the best man for the job and I am so happy that he agreed to be our photographer that day.  

Little Roo Studios

Our photos with Rachel were scheduled around the same time we wanted to announce our pregnancy, so we have some amazing bump photos that I will cherish for a lifetime. We waited for what felt like forever to tell our kids so we could have Rachel there to capture their reactions and I am SO SO SO glad we did.  See for yourself, their reactions are priceless. 

Lindsey Scholz Photography

 I was lucky enough to participate in a nursing session with her. It was national breastfeeding month and she offered these sessions and I jumped on it.  I still love looking at them and remembering the sounds he'd make or the way he'd grab my finger while nursing

Amber Elizabeth Photography

My husband and I were so impressed upon entering her studio, it's absolutely beautiful.  Located perfectly in downtown Powell, the natural light that enters the studio brightens it up so nicely, and she has the cutest props.

KariMe Photography

Kari is the absolute sweetest, I love working with her!!  Kari's work is one of the many reasons I would happily have pictures taken monthly of my kids.  Her husband, Trevor, owns 740 Films and together they are the dream team.