Favorite Family Photographers

I LOVE family pictures. I get so excited every year when it's time for our annual session and I get really excited when I can find an excuse to sneak in an extra session. My husband loves to joke with me about how much money we spend in pictures every year but I don't care, if it were up to me we would have professional pictures taken once a year in the spring or fall, on every holiday, including Valentine's Day of course, and then any other time I feel like my kids are growing up too quickly.  Because of this I have done extensive research on some of the best family photographers in the Columbus.  I have listed them each for a different reason, some of them have taken our pictures, some of them haven't but I have a project for them when the time comes :-) Click on their name for a full post on why I love them and examples of their work. 

Please note: This list is about quality not quantity. There may not be a ton of photographers on here and it's because I have promised from the beginning to only share the best of the best with all of you! If you know of a photographer who should be on this list (or you are a photographer and would like to be on this list) please reach out so I can take a look. I love finding new amazing photographers. 

Favorite Natural Light Photographers

Kari Bowman with KariMe Photography
Ashley D Photos
Stephanie Barnes Photography

Favorite Birth Photographer

Milk and Hannah

Favorite Portrait Photographer

Amber Elizabeth Photography

Favorite Lifestyle Photographer

Little Roo Studios
Aaron Taylor Photography


Favorite Newborn Photographer

Jenny Beck Photography 
KariMe Photography
Little Roo Studios

Favorite Documentary Style Photographer

Beloved Photography