Aaron Taylor Photography

Allow me to introduce you to Aaron from Aaron Taylor Photography.  He is so incredibly talented and I feel so lucky to have met him and to have him part of this list - he truly is an artist.  Aaron is an incredibly talented photographer but what really sets him a part is his love for community.  He loves Columbus, he loves the people here, and he is passionate about immersing himself in our community.  I first met Aaron through email (does that even count?) and we talked a lot about Columbus, projects I had coming up and ways we can work together.  The biggest project I had coming up was the Columbus Kids Do Good Launch Party and I needed an amazing photographer to help us capture the energy in the room.  I felt completely confident that I could trust Aaron to do this so I asked him if he had any interest.  

He was the calm in the chaos

Let's fast forward a few weeks to the launch party.  When he arrived I as running around getting everything set up - I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before anyone arrived.  Aaron jumped right in - he made sure we had all the detail shots we needed so we could be sure to thank the amazing businesses who helped our launch party become a success.  Aaron also set it up on his camera to be able to send me some of the photos immediately because I was running the @livecolumbus Instagram page for the day. He was the calm in the chaos, he was the best man for the job and I am so happy that he agreed to be our photographer that day.  

He may not have taken our family photos (yet) but I can tell you with confidence that Aaron is a true artist and I know first hand that he is amazing with busy kiddos, detailed shots, and cracking a few good jokes.  He also teaches photography classes for those of you who want to get to know your camera a little better. Make sure to follow him on Facebook or Instagram to follow his beautiful work and stay up to date with all of Aaron's announcements.