Jenny Beck Photography

I am so excited to share my daughter's newborn photos but first let me tell you about the wonderful lady who took her photos.  I first met Jenny through Instagram (I feel like that's how I meet a lot of local biz owners these days) and fell in love with her work.  At the time I really needed to get newborn photos of E scheduled so that when she was born all I would have to do is send a quick email.  After carefully reviewing Jenny's work, her website, reviews, I decided we needed to book her.  Shortly after scheduling the session with her we received two things.

1. An online questionnaire that would allow Jenny to get to know us before meeting us in person

2. A Catalog in the mail filled with TONS of information - what to wear (or not wear), asking that we keep the house very warm, and assuring me that if my house wasn't spotless a week after having a baby that it was okay.

As someone who seems to always have a lot of questions and likes to know every detail of how things will go these two things made me feel comfortable in our choice to have Jenny take photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  You just can't get these moments back.  

The day of our session Jenny made me feel so peaceful, I was still recovering and I was exhausted so I wasn't the best host but I didn't need to be and she reminded me of that.  We took the photos with the older kids first and then sent them to the playroom with my husband while Jenny focused on Elizabeth.  The two things that are key for newborn pictures 1. warmth 2. calm - so we also had a space heater in our living room to make sure the space was nice and toasty.  Elizabeth had a few moments where she didn't want to go back to sleep and Jenny was so patient. She swaddled her, patted her, sat and talked with me while I nursed her.  With newborns it's hard to put a time limit on a photo session because you just never know what they will need at any given moment and Jenny allowed us that flexibility.  

Jenny doesn't only do newborns, she always does family, engagements, maternity, and seniors. Email her - you will be glad you did.