KariMe Photography

Kari is the absolute sweetest, I love working with her!!  Kari's work is one of the many reasons I would happily have pictures taken monthly of my kids.  Her husband, Trevor, owns 740 Films and together they are the dream team.  Kari took our pictures in 2014 and sadly our schedules never matched up in 2015 but here's to hoping things work out this year for family pictures with her. From the moment I emailed Kari about family pictures all the way to the delivery of our pictures she was great to work with.  

I will never forget family pictures that year, somehow we managed to pick the hottest day of the summer and my kids were not happy about it. Kari was so patient with them and she would take them off to the side and talk with just them, make them giggle, and took the stress off of me and made it happen.  I don't know about you but I sometimes I stress about family pictures - you are paying for memories, moments captured, smiles, and so much more but what if your kids just aren't having it?  That's what I love about Kari, she makes it happen and stays so kind and patient through the whole session.  I highly recommend emailing Kari about family pictures. 

I recently asked Kari what makes her passionate about her business and I thought I would share with you. If you're looking for beautiful work, natural light photography, and a genuinely sweet person to capture your moments I would reach out to Kari. 

You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook as well as her amazing website

“What makes me passionate is being able to capture moments for people experience so many wonderful things in their lives. I love investing and getting to know all of my clients and being able to capture who they are. Also, Becoming friends with my clients is such a blessing. Seeing my clients excitement and creating memories keeps me passionate. I love shooting weddings and capturing couples. Being a part of wedding days are one of my most favorite things. It is someones best day and I have the honor to capture it. I truly love Love. I also love pouring into other photographers by mentoring them and hosting workshops. Being able to invest into other photographers is a huge passion of mine. I also love photographing families and getting to know so many wonderful kids.”
Source: http://karimephotography.com/