Lindsey Scholz Photography

Lindsey is an incredible photographer, she focuses on birth photography, fresh 48 sessions, and family pictures.  I was lucky enough to participate in a nursing session with her. It was national breastfeeding month and she offered these sessions and I jumped on it.  I still love looking at them and remembering the sounds he'd make or the way he'd grab my finger while nursing.  I sadly hadn't found out about Lindsey until after both of my babies were already here, but in case of baby number 3, I know who to call.  Warning: her Facebook page has the most amazing images of birth and new babies who have just entered this world - it could cause baby fever.  Can't say you weren't warned.  ;-) Enjoy some of our pictures from our nursing session. If I can get my hands on some more great shots from Lindsey I will share! 

You can connect with Lindsey on Instagram, Facebook, and her website