Little Roo Studios

Do you know when you connect with someone and you instantly know there was a reason you were brought together? That's how I feel about Rachel from Little Roo Studios.  I reached out to my Facebook friends a few years ago to ask for who they use as their family photographers and one of our wedding photographers highly recommended Rachel so I reached out to her.  Through emails and viewing her work I knew she was amazing.  Her main focus is lifestyle shoots in your home. Perfect for right after having a baby, or really anytime you want some really amazing lifestyle shots in your space.  

When we had our first shoot with Rachel I was really nervous - "her work is amazing, will our family photos turn out amazing, is my daughter's hair too messy, oh my gosh my son has dirt all over his new pants..." were just a few of the thoughts that went through my head.  Rachel's calm and peaceful attitude settled my worries almost immediately.  When the kids started to get impatient she just told them to go play - run around, just have fun, and they did exactly that.  The photos we have from when they went to play as she ran around snapping photos of them are by far my favorite.  I can see the joy in my son's face as he plays with a dirty stick and the strength in my daughter as she pretends to be "Queen of the World".  Our photos with Rachel were scheduled around the same time we wanted to announce our pregnancy, so we have some amazing bump photos that I will cherish for a lifetime. We waited for what felt like forever to tell our kids so we could have Rachel there to capture their reactions and I am SO SO SO glad we did.  See for yourself, their reactions are priceless. 

You can connect with Rachel on Instagram, Facebook, and their website

There is something so special about having a baby. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant you completely and totally fall in love with someone you haven’t even met yet. You develop this special bond that only you and this fresh new life can share. He knows your heart beat, and you work hard at growing his. When they are born you become overwhelmed with a love that you never knew existed. A love that takes you to depths you didn’t even know you could reach. That first coo, that first smile, the first roll, crawl, and step. The first time they say “I love you too”… That is something I never want to forget. Something I want to wrap up tight and cherish forever. Something I want to pull out of the wooden box of memories and completely relive that day like it was yesterday. That right there is what makes me passionate about photographs. I get the privilege of providing families with the chance to always remember, and to never forget.
— Rachel Jacobus