The Good Makery

I first met, Leslie, the owner of Good Makery in May at the Grandview Hop and was so intrigued by her business and her passion for what she does.  She had so much joy when talking to her customers about what she does and what she provides for you.   I knew I just had to make an appointment to take my kids there and I'm so glad I did.  We love it. 

The Good Makery is located in Grandview, and it allows Children the freedom to create their own masterpieces on so many different types of gifts.  For example my kids made a picture frame for their Great-Grandpa for his birthday, they picked the picture frame from what was offered at the Good Makery, and then used the computer to draw their design. When they were finished with their design, Leslie took them upstairs so they could watch their design be engraved onto the frame.  It was like magic.  

Every quarter Good Makery donates a portion of their profits to local charities, which is one of my favorite parts about this business.  If you know me, you know that supporting local charities is something that I love to do, and if I can shop in a local business, that is fun for my kids, and support local's like a triple win for me! She also wraps every piece that you make - so when you walk out your gift is ready to give.  

We've created a picture frame, a necklace, and have some fun plans to create some more for Christmas.  Emmalyn loves going, she thinks it's so much fun but I mean who wouldn't? It's beautiful inside.

If you go share your pictures with me! I'd love to see what you create! Use #614mom on social media to share!! 

You can find Good Makery on Facebook  and follow their events here