Our Favorite Metro Parks

We love our Metro Parks! We have been to most of them and have a couple still left on our to visit list, but we have our favorites for sure.  


1. Homestead Park  - This is the newest addition to the Metro Parks and we couldn't be happier.  This is now the closest one to our house and we had already been frequent visitors but when Metro Parks took over, the change was for the better!  They now have a nature center, that includes a snake, turtle, and frog as well as a lot of other ways to explore nature.  The kids can walk into the nature center and pick up a scavenger hunt and spend some time exploring the park and when you return the scavenger hunt paper they give them a prize.  It's such a fun way to explore the different parts of the park besides the playground, and it's not something you have to plan either. Just stop on in. 

2. Inniswood Metro Gardens - I can't say enough great things about this Metro Park.  It is so beautiful, and there is so much to explore.  They have really great story times and other programs here that we have attended.  We also got our family pictures taken here a couple of years ago and they turned out so beautiful.  They have gorgeous flowers, a small water fall that my daughter goes crazy over, and a cute little house that the kids can play in.  

3. Scioto Audubon - Located downtown, Scioto Audubon adds a lot of green space to an otherwise very industrial area.  We have family that lives downtown so for us this is the perfect spot for a picnic, or just to play.  They have story times, a climbing wall (for adults), and other playground equipment for the kiddos.  The park also has a nice trail and a small pond where you can sit and watch the fish and frogs in their natural habitat.  There is also a perfect shot of the Columbus skyline.  Talk about a wonderful view!!

4. Slate Run Historical Farm - This park is about 45 minutes away, located in Canal Winchester, and worth every minute of the drive. This park offers so much.  This farm is ran just like a farm in the 1880's, and it is very authentic.  The staff is in costumes that date back to the 1880's, and they will be going about their daily chores while you're there exploring.  If you keep a lookout on their Facebook page you stay up to date on any new baby animals to see.  Right now they have three litters of piglets.  Anytime I see new baby animals on their Facebook page I have to resist the urge to jump in the car at that exact moment.  We go, but I always want to go right away! Our family favorite are the beautiful and friendly horses that you can pet.  I can't say enough great things about Slate Run.  Also right next door, is Slate Run Metro Park - there is a difference between the two so make sure you pay attention to that.  

5. Rocky Fork - This one is new and a friend of mine checked it out before I could and she told me I just had to go, and I'm so glad I did.  It is beautiful.  Because it is so new we haven't been to any planned activities there yet but I'm sure they're great!