About Eryn

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by.  My name is Eryn and I am really excited to share my stories with you here on 614 Mom. I am loud, I love to laugh, I have poor time management (and I'm working on it), I love adventure and trying new things, I am a fashion addict and lover of fine art. Growing up around family businesses I learned the value in small business and so when I say that I am loyal to the local business owner I mean it.  I know that your business helps put food on the table, and your kids in dance class. 

Favorite Family Photographers

I LOVE family pictures. I get so excited every year when it's time for our annual session and I get really excited when I can find an excuse to sneak in an extra session. My husband loves to joke with me about how much money we spend in pictures every year but I don't care, if it were up to me we would have professional pictures taken once a year in the spring or fall, on every holiday, including Valentine's Day of course, and then any other time I feel like my kids are growing up too quickly.

Work with 614 Mom

614 Mom is focused on empowering women to be true to who they are, while balancing all relationships.   614 Mom is the one resource in Columbus where women can come and find information on date night suggestions as well as some of the best activities to do with their children. I am passionate about family, supporting each other, Columbus, supporting local businesses and local charities and laughing...a lot. 



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