Happy Holidays From Columbus | The Best Holiday Tips From Your Local Bloggers

One of my favorite things about being a blogger in Columbus is the relationships and friendships I've built with fellow bloggers who live so close.  Every single day I am inspired and empowered by these women and the content they are bringing their readers every single day.  I am so excited to be sharing the work of some of my dear friends during this Columbus Blogger Holiday Hop! From the best black Friday deals to crafting with your kiddos, gift guides, and so much more.  Check them out, they are all linked below! Enjoy!! 

The Best Of Christmas In Columbus

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of the year.  Fresh snow falls, warm sweaters, the smell of fresh baked goods, and hot chocolate, beautiful light displays, and fun events for the whole family.  Enjoy this guide that I put together for all of us to use as we plan out our holiday schedules.  Make sure you scroll down to the end of the post for a special category of events, that you don't want to miss. BONUS: FREE printable for you so you can easily print this off as your go to resource this holiday season.  

8 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues From Home | Winter In Columbus | 614 Mom

The cold weather has hit us and while we may not want to admit it, winter is quickly approaching and there are going to be days that even the best indoor spots in Columbus won’t be able to get us out of our house.  Personally, I can’t think of anything better on a cold day than snuggling up in comfy clothes, making some hot chocolate, and hanging out around my house, but you're going to need to do something to keep those kiddos busy.  

5 Things To Do With That Extra Halloween Candy | Columbus, OH | 2017

Trick or Treat is such a fun tradition for so many families and at the end of the night the kids have bags full of candy, that they probably couldn't eat in a year, even if they tried.  So the big question is what can you do with all that candy, besides tossing it in the garbage when the kids aren't looking?  I have 5 great ways to keep the fun going while giving that extra candy a purpose.  

Princess Pajama Party | Not Just Make Believe Parties | Columbus, OH

As a child I used to watch Beauty and The Beast and Snow White and dream about their adventures and what it would be like if all these women were friends who spent time together doing normal things.  It kind of broke my heart when I realized these princesses were just characters in a movie but luckily for my girls, Not Just Make Believe Parties, is right here in Columbus and able to bring the Princess magic to life in ways only they can.  

Our Top 10 List for Date Night | Date Your Spouse | Columbus, OH

For us, date night is one of the most important nights of the week.  Between kids, work, the house, life can get busy (and sometimes stressful) and it's easy to make date nights last on the priority list, especially if it requires you coming up with something to do.  No need to worry though - I am sharing our go to list for date nights.  We pull these out when we just need to get out for some time together without the kids.

Olentangy Indian Caverns | 614 Moms Playdate | 2017

I have such fond memories of Olentangy Indian Caverns from when I was a kid, and I was so excited when we planned a 614 Moms playdate at the caverns this year.  In true 614 Moms fashion, we decided we wanted to try a new place that our kids have never been before, so we picked a warm Saturday morning in September put on our tennis shoes and headed out for a fun filled morning.  

STEAM Education In Columbus | SIMPLR STEAM Playground | 614 Mom

My husband and I are really excited to get our kids involved at SIMPLR STEAM Playground.  We've always encouraged STEAM activities, and our oldest daughter built and programmed her own robot (Name:Juice-Bot) over the summer, so to have a place where we can take them for hands on education focused on STEAM makes us so happy!! I know you will love Maurice and Erica as much as I do - they are amazing and have a passion for sharing STEAM with families in Columbus.  Be sure to check them out and if you're interested in a class, let me know - we are getting a 614 Moms class together! :) 

a carefully curated list, full of the best events in town.  There is something on here for everyone, so grab your calendar and start adding these events to it.  You will be glad you did. Check back regularly as I will add fun events as I find them.  

Our Community | 614 Moms

614 Mom is a community.  A community of women who love their families, love themselves, and love Columbus and I am so proud of that.  I recently decided to expand that community into a moms group where the moms reading my posts and emailing me, can all meet each other and hopefully create meaningful friendships along the way. 

Fall Favorites | Leed's Farm | 2017

 Every single year, my family and I head out to Delaware to visit one of our favorite Fall Farms in the area, Leeds Farm.  Like many traditions this one warms my heart, just pulling into Leeds brings back so many memories, like that one time, at 6 months pregnant, I got on the banana bus ride with my daughter or the first hayride my son ever went on.  Leeds holds so many wonderful memories for us, and I'm sure they will for you as well. 

Short North Tour Of Homes and Gardens | September 2017 | 614 Mom

It's no secret my husband and I dream of the day we can trade in the suburbs for a cute little house downtown so when The Short North Civic Association approached me about attending their home and garden tour this weekend, I jumped on that opportunity.  We love the Short North and it's at the top of our list always, so I'm really excited to attend in just a few short days

20 Perfectly Autumn Things You Must Do This Season | Fall 2017 | Columbus, OH

There are so many lists filled with every single thing you must do this fall, complete with an overwhelming amount of options in this great city of ours.  So today, I'm changing it up a bit and giving you a small number of MUST DO events this fall. If you are looking for the best ways to experience fall in Columbus, just pick a few things (or all) from this list and enjoy all that Columbus has to offer this season.

7 Tips For Successful Family Photos

Even though family photos are very important to me, it doesn’t mean they aren’t stressful sometimes. I am after all getting three kids, 1 husband, and myself together for pictures I want to hang all over my home. The stress for perfection is sometimes overwhelming.  Over the years I’ve found a lot of tricks to help us take the stress away so we can enjoy the experience. I’m happy to pass along my tips to you so you can have stress free family photos.

The New AMC Theatre | Easton | 614 Mom

My husband and I were recently invited to check out the newly renovated AMC Theaters at Easton and to say we were impressed would be an understatement.  To give you an idea of our experience, I should first tell you that my husband loves going to the movie theater, he would happily go weekly, while I would rather wait until it comes out on Netflix.  It has nothing to do with the theater - it's a very traditional "It's not you, it's me" kind of thing.  I like to get comfy during a movie, eat a ton of snacks, and relax...you can say I'm a comfort snob. I've never had that experience at the theater, until recently.

I really enjoying getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, exploring in new ways, and challenging myself.  This weekend we did all of those things and more at the new ZipZone Adventure Park right here in Columbus.

It wasn't what I expected at all, I thought we would just fly through it, I mean we love ziplining so this should be easy, right? Not quite. [Read More] 

The SNAP Food Challenge | Part Two | 614 Mom

What can we do to help? The purpose of taking the challenge for me was to provide better and more empathetic care to my patients. The reason I am blogging about it is try help others understand the plight of food insecurity. Once we understand, we then have the knowledge and empathy to fight for these marginalized persons. In the current political climate where funding for our public safety nets are being cut, we must remind our elected officials on the importance of mitigating food insecurity with SNAP.

The SNAP Food Challenge | Part One | 614 Mom

As a pediatrician, I see children at our clinic that are truly starving. It breaks my heart, when asking a child during their wellness check about what they ate for breakfast and they say nothing. I then ask if they are hungry now, and they shake their head yes. Handing them a small bag of goldfish brings about a smile that tugs on your heart strings. Discussing with parents about food security, I find many depend on food stamps or WIC. But these parents say it is often not enough.