The Columbus Zoo

We are so lucky to have one of the best states in the country right in our backyard.  As a family who loves to get out and explore it is such an amazing place to have at our disposal.  We have  a membership and take advantage of that membership all the time.  

The kids and I will go almost weekly to the zoo, and it never gets old because there is always a new spot to explore. The zoo is divided into countries and that helps keep things organized and we typically go to one country a week.  It is nice because I can fit that country into some sort of lesson plan that week, that doesn't really feel like learning.  

Our zoo also has a lot of great programs that we LOVE to take advantage of.  Summer Camps, Boo at the Zoo, Little Explorers Camp, Birthday Parties, and so much more.  We like their day camps because you get to talk to a zookeeper and ask questions, and then spend the rest of the afternoon exploring.   

My daughter participated in their zoo camp this year and it was amazing!! I highly recommend it.  She had so much fun, and learned so much.  Everyday they took a walk to the area they were learning about, did a craft, had a snack that tied nicely into their lesson plan, and each day they were able to have a close encounter with an animal where they could pet and examine the animal.  

Whatever you do at the zoo, I'm sure you will really enjoy your time there.  If you go share your pictures with me here or on Instagram - use #614momatthezoo or just #614mom :) 

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