Leed's Farm

Today we went up to Ostrander to Leed's Farm, it's been our pumpkin patch of choice for the past three years.  We always get there right at 11 because even getting there at 11:30 will keep you in a line a mile long at the entrance gate.  Even if you get there after 11 - it's totally worth the wait.   It's $10 per adult and $12 per child ages 3-18, 3 and under are free.  

Every year Leed's impresses us with their commitment to fun.  My son's favorite part of Leed's has to be all of the slides - he goes crazy for a slide and Leed's has at least 6 or 7 throughout the farm.  My daughter loves it all, the pumpkin jump, the corn boxes, and the banana boat.  They have a large zip line, a mini zip line, hay rides, animals that you can observe and animals that you can feed.  Owen was cracking up at the goats because they were so aggressive when trying to get food from everyone standing around them.  They seriously have it all.  

Oh, and they do have pumpkins in the front that you can go pick out, and they have carts you can borrow to take the pumpkins easily back to your car.  Can't forget that part! ;) 

I feel like the pictures I took today can better explain our time there...enjoy! :-) 

If you go, I'd love to see your pictures! Use #614mom on social media to share your fun photos!! 

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