Living Life Unplugged

Hey!!! I've been pretty quiet around here and I am happy about that, I took like to enjoy the holidays with my family without worrying about capturing the perfect Instagram worthy image, or thinking about what I want to write about next.  While I love writing (hello that's why I started this blog) I also really enjoying putting down the phones, laptops, and cameras to really live in the moment.  

As a rule, I typically don't keep my phone on me during the day. My phone is either tucked away in my wallet or hiding somewhere under a pile of laundry, but I will admit, I do get sucked into normal life situations where I need to be on it a little more some days and it was so nice to not even have to worry about that.  Riley had some time off work and we really just focused on time with the kids.  I did make them take one selfie with me at the Zoo Lights ;) 

If I could offer you any piece of advice it would be to take a few days and unplug.  Get away from the Ipads, the laptops, and most importantly the phones.  Leave social media behind for a few days, it will be there when you get back.  You can explore Columbus and your life without documenting it right away, and I bet you'll even have more fun.  

If you try to go unplugged I would love to hear about how you liked it (or didn't like it haha) 

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