3 Reasons we are Thankful for Goldfish

Last week at our weekly swim lessons E and I noticed a giant turkey on the bulletin board near the front desk. Kids were eagerly writing down what they were thankful for on colorful feathers and placing them around the turkey. Of course, my kiddos wanted in on the fun so we headed to to the front desk where the feathers and pens were and we started discussing what made us thankful for Goldfish.  We each came up with one thing and I wanted to share them with you. 

1. "My teacher" - Emmalyn

Spending 30 minutes each week with Ms. Taryne is one of the highlights of Emmalyn's week. When I asked Emmalyn what made her most thankful for Ms. Taryne she said "She's very nice, Mommy. Its fun to be in her class, she makes it soooooo fun.  I love her" 

2.  "Swimming with Daddy" - Owen.  

It's no secret that my husband works long hours between his full time job and his start up that he is working so hard on, so we don't get to see him as often as we'd like (we are very proud of him though and love seeing him chase his dreams).  All of that means that when my kids do get some quality time with Daddy, they love it! Owen is thankful for Goldfish because it gives him 30 minutes of undivided Daddy/Owen time each week.  If you're looking for a great parent/me class, Goldfish is the way to go.  We love it so much!! 

3.  "The People" - Mommy

The people that work at Goldfish Swim School Westerville are some of my favorite people in the world.  My world can get a little crazy sometimes with working from home, two kids, being pregnant, and everything else so when I get my kids to Goldfish chances are I've forgotten something. I'm hoping this is just pregnancy brain but who knows, it could just be the start to having three kids. :-)  The wonderful people at Goldfish never judge, they just love my kids, smile and laugh with me about how wild my kids are, and understand and forgive if I forget the goggles or even a towel at home.  They've got my back and I always appreciate it.  Mindy, Tracey, Taryne, and Emma - I love you all! I am thankful for all of you! 

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