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For us, date night is one of the most important nights of the week.  Between kids, work, the house, life can get busy (and sometimes stressful) and it's easy to make date nights last on the priority list, especially if it requires you coming up with something to do.  No need to worry though - I am sharing our go to list for date nights.  We pull these out when we just need to get out for some time together without the kids.  


Vino Vino followed by The Candle Lab

The Candle Lab has been part of our relationship for many years, we even had our baby shower there when we had our son, and we love going back. We normally start at Vino Vino down the street and enjoy some (okay, a lot of) wine and a delicious meal before laughing our way through The Candle Lab.  Pro Tip! The Red Pepper Pasta at Vino Vino is AMAZING!!! My favorite candle combo at CL?  Champagne and Hawaii - try it, you won't be sorry. 

PINS Mechanical Co. 

We don't always want a romantic date night - sometime we want to grab some drinks, play some games and eat from a delicious food truck. When we're in the mood for this we head to PINS.  The lines can be long but the atmosphere is great. 

Stauf's Grandview

Sometimes we head out on a weekend morning for a work date.  We both own our own businesses so working is actually a lot of fun, especially if we get to do it together.  I love the tea and grilled cheese at Stauf's, The kitchen is open daily from 8-3. 

Brunch at Milestone 229 and Cogo Bike Share

We kind of stumbled on this date randomly when our original plans fell through one day. It turned out to be one of our FAVORITE dates of all time.  We started with brunch on the patio at Milestone 229, complete with salt and vinegar fries (YUM!!!) and sangria for me, and a moscow mule for my husband.  After brunch we walked over to the docking station for CoGo Bike Share, rented two bikes and biked the Scioto Mile. 

The Walrus

Sometimes we just want to head to the bar, listen to music and hang out.  When that's the case we go to The Walrus.  The drinks are on point and the fries are the best in Columbus.  

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of my all time favorite places in Columbus, and not just for date night.  We went to a dinner there and had the time of our lives.  Our first experience at The Kitchen was about a year ago, for a  bourbon inspired participatory dinner.  We met new friends, tried new foods, and laughed SO MUCH! Each month they release a calendar of events and the dinners all have different themes. Check it out, I'm sure you'll find a theme that you fall in love with. 

Cap City in Grandview followed by a movie 

Dinner and a movie is a classic and we don't do this all the time, and when we do it - we head to Cap City for me and AMC for him.  The entire Cap City menu is delicious - I am a fan of the spicy pasta that I never remember the name to (without mushrooms of course), the bread, and every single dessert on the menu.  

Exploring Franklinton

Franklinton is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Columbus.  A few of our favorite spots in the area include Strongwater + Land Grant Brewery.  Think local brewery, food trucks, yummy foods at Strongwater, and amazing drinks. 


We love being active, so hiking is always on our list of favorite things to do.  We love taking the entire day and heading to Hocking Hills for a day of exploring.  If we can't get away for the entire day but still want to hike we will head to Highbanks Metro Park in Lewis Center. 


Easton is growing and it's creating new options for date night, which is amazing and so convenient.  Sometimes date night includes shopping for a new bed or just casual shopping and with all the new and exciting food options at Easton, you really can't go wrong. 

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