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I've been searching for a place to take my kids for haircuts since my oldest was 2, my needs/wants have always been very simple - good haircut, patient and kind employees, and a place they don’t have to be silent. I struggled to find a place that hit all three of those check marks until we found Funky Scissors.

Last October before our trip to Disney, we tried Funky Scissors for the first time and for the first time in three years I felt like I had found THE PLACE. Funky Scissors gives me what I want as a mom and gives my children what they need to feel comfortable. It really is a win win for us.  

When I found Funky Scissors for the first time, I shared our experience here on the blog but now that we've been customers for awhile I thought I would share a little bit more about our love for Funky Scissors and the 5 things that set it apart from any place we've ever been.


The People

The people at Funky Scissors are truly kind.  When we walk in, we are always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome.  They are genuinely happy to see us, which feels good and helps reduce stress for my kids if they are nervous about getting a haircut that day.  My kids can go from super excited about a haircut to super nervous in minutes and then from nervous to excited again upon entering the salon.

The Talent

The hairstylists are truly talented, I am normally running between kids trying to share Pinterest photo ideas, or old photos of that last haircut that he loved, while carrying a baby on my hip and they help me handle all of that with ease.  They keep my kids distracted with Netflix (!!!!) and video games while working their magic.  We have never walked out of there with a bad cut. Which is huge!

The Special Touches

When designing the space the owners thought of everything from special seating to the mini-cure at the end of a haircut.  Netflix and XBox are both available for the kids to enjoy while getting their haircut, and they have a variety of seating options to choose from.  My son loves the Firetruck and my daughter loves the Glamour chair. She also enjoys the vehicle options but she’s getting too tall to fit in them!!  (When did my baby grow up?)


 When you walk into Funky Scissors you’re immediately welcomed by fun colors, bright lights and balloons. You can feel when you walk in that the people here care about the children and their experience getting a haircut.  Everything is carefully picked out to create a warm and inviting experience and you can feel that.

The Treats

 After a haircut each child is allowed to pick a balloon, a sucker, and a small toy.  This may be my daughter’s favorite part. The kids enjoy earning their reward by sitting nicely for their haircut which results in two things - treats for them and picture worthy haircut for mom.  Again, it’s a win win.


We really love Funky Scissors for our kids, I truly couldn’t imagine getting their haircut anywhere else.  I am so thankful thank the owners, local Columbus parents, choose to open Funky Scissors so close to home and fill a need so many of us were looking for.  

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