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I don’t know about you but my email is filled with promotions, sales, and other newsletters that I don’t always have time to read.  While I don’t get the chance to open every single email there is one newsletter that I really enjoy reading as soon as it hits my inbox.

The Nationwide Children’s Health E-Hints Newsletter is always filled with great information that is customized to the age of my children (and yours) which is so helpful.  I like staying up to date with important information when it comes to my kids and their health. The Health E-Hints Newsletter is written by pediatric experts and that’s exactly who I want my information from.  

When I signed up I was asked the name and ages for each of my kids and I didn’t really know why but when I got the first email I totally got it. They have articles listed as “For Owen” or “For Elizabeth” so I know exactly which kid this piece of information is most relevant for.  

Ready to sign up?  You can sign up here and get your Health E-Hints Newsletter delivered to your mailbox monthly, and don’t worry your email is safe and confidential.  

Eryn GilsonComment