3 Reasons I Love Huntington Bank

This post is sponsored by The Huntington National Bank and The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you were to open my wallet you would see all green - and I’m not talking cash, because who carries cash anymore? My wallet is filled with Huntington Bank debit cards, credit cards, and you can’t see it in my wallet, but I hold my mortgage with Huntington as well.  My husband and I have been huge Huntington fans for a long time and we’ve remained such loyal customers because they’ve always treated us right. 

When Huntington reached out to me about being an ambassador,I was really excited because it was already such a natural fit. I didn’t have to go and open a new account or learn the brand from the beginning. I already know that Huntington cares for our community, I know that Huntington believes in looking out for their customers and I know that Huntington has helped me take control of my finances by giving me the tools I need most. 


My husband and I like to think we know all there is to know about banking, I mean we were personal bankers, but that was a lifetime ago. I feel so old saying this but time is changing and we don’t know every detail - I didn’t know how to endorse a check the other day, guys, and it hit me that I can no longer call myself a banker.  Because of this, we are so thankful for our friends at Huntington who help us navigate the banking world so we can make sure we are doing every single thing we need to for our financial freedom.   

3 Reasons I love Huntington

  1. They helped us get our mortgage at ages 20 & 21.  I’m really proud of that.

  2. They aren’t afraid of change & innovation.  

  3. I see them everywhere in our community & I know they care. 


There are a lot of reasons I love Huntington and a lot of things I’ve learned from being a customer - but I want to know...what do you want to learn over the next few months about banking, finances, Huntington, or anything else related to this new partnership?  Tell me in the comments so I can make sure to answer them all.  

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