Mama Monday | Krile Communications | November 2016

Being a mom is amazing and so much fun.  Every single day brings new joy, new adventures, and also new challenges - add running your own business to the mix and the days are even more exciting and the challenges get more complicated.  No one understands this more than Anglea Krile from Krile Communications.  

I sat down with Angela last week to discuss her business and all the fun things that come along with being a mom boss.  Angela is my type of human - she sees a challenge and she faces it head on instead of letting fear run the show.  Krile Communications was founded in 2010 by Angela, when she had a 1 year old and a 3 year old at home.  Can you imagine starting your own business as you're in the middle of the toddler years, potty training, and all of the other fun that comes along with the baby/toddler years?  I'm sure that some of you actually can because you've also been there - as have I.  It's not easy, but it is so worth it.  

Krile Communications is focused on one goal: Make the community great! 

When Angela launched Krile Communications, the one thing not on her mind - failure.  It wasn't an option for her, and it wasn't something she feared.  She is surrounded by a loving support system in her small town of Sugar Grove and knew that she could easily count on any of the countless family members to help out with childcare, or any other needs should it take her awhile to get her dream up and running.  Angela also had the unconditional support of her husband, Greg.  He never doubted her and in response to her telling him she wanted to start her own business he said, "of course you will and of course it will be successful"  :) 

Our goal is to have really good clients, really good employees, and make the community great.
— Angela Krile

Krile Communications is a Central Ohio communications firm.  Some of their specialties include message development, marketing, and public relations.  The team at Krile focus on each individual client and investing themselves in their clients success.  They have many clients that you would recognize like Telhio Credit Union, Ohio Children's Hospital Association, Ohio Chapter of Academy of Pediatrics, Buffalo Wild Wings, and more.  

I asked Angela if there was anything she'd like to say to 614 Mom readers and she said "Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Moms are afraid they have to do it all themselves but they don't.  It's okay to ask for help"