Baby Elizabeth

Oh my sweet baby girl.  

Baby Elizabeth is here and we are so in love. I have been living in this newborn bliss for the last three weeks, snuggles, nursing, kisses, baby coos, the sweet smell of baby, ahh! I never want these moments to end. As a mom of three I know all too well that time moves so quickly and I need cherish every moment and that's exactly what I've been doing. 

She arrived much differently than expected, at first my doctor thought she would come WAY early, I was even put on some medicine to try and stop this from happening...eventually she took me off the meds and said she was comfortable letting baby girl come on her own.  The meds worked though - to the point where I agreed to be induced.  All was set, I was to be induced on Monday at 5am.  The control freak in me loved that I had a date and time I could count on. I knew when I was going to meet my baby (unless she came earlier, of course). 

On the Sunday, before my induction,  I started having really intense contractions I labored at home all day, went to my inlaws for dinner, left our kids with them, went home and got the house ready for the chaos about to hit. Around 11:30pm I went downstairs where my husband was working and told him I was scared...I felt like this was really happening like right now but I had an appointment in 5.5 hours, could I wait it out and just show up for my appointment?  That's what I wanted to do.  My mind was going crazy...I had no idea what to do.  After a few really intense contractions I decided it was time.  My husband and I gathered all necessary/last minute items and added them to the hospital bag, hopped in the car, nervous and excited. 

I got all checked in, met my amazing nurses, met the beautiful sweet angel who arrived to give me the epidural (ended up not loving him as much as I had hoped...more on that later), and got ready to meet my baby.  10 hours, a lot of laughs between my husband and I, a few tears, lots of support from my wonderful nurse Ashley, later I was holding my baby girl.  

I have been living in such a sweet, peaceful bliss ever since. 

We had plans with Amy from Beloved Photography for her to meet us at the hospital a few hours after Elizabeth was born to capture some of those super sweet moments from her first few hours of life. I really wanted the first few moments of Emmalyn and Owen meeting their baby sister, baby toes, and Riley holding his baby girl just hours after meeting her for the first time photographed.  I am so so excited to have these photos to cherish for the rest of my life.  I'm also excited to share some of them with you.  

Did you have a Fresh 48 session or a birth photographer at your birth?  Tell me about your experience in the comments.