Things You Should Know About Berlin High School ​​​​​​​

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It’s August and that means the kids head back to school later this month and for so many families in the Olentangy School District this marks a really exciting time as their new High School is getting ready to open their doors to welcome students for the very first time.  

Olentangy Berlin High School sits on 90 acres of land in the city of Delaware and is simply stunning.  This beautiful state of the art high school is home to the Berlin Bears and will soon be filled with 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.  Berlin High School is the district’s 4th high school and joins the family of very successful high schools within the district. With 5,524 students Olentangy District has a 83% success rate in reading proficiency, 78% in mathematics proficiency, and a score of 64.3 in college readiness according to US News.   

The Berlin Bears are getting excited about the opening of this new school and sharing their excitement on social media using popular school hashtags, #clawsup #hibernationisover ! If you want to catch a glimpse into the life of the students and faculty at Olentangy Berlin I would suggest heading to Twitter and Instagram and searching those hashtags.  You’ll definitely see some fun photos that will make you want to join this wonderful community.

Photo Credit: Olentangy Local Schools Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Olentangy Local Schools Facebook Page


Things You Should Know About Berlin High School

Tight Security - Every visitor or parent will need to be buzzed in by the receptionist before entering the building.  They will also enter the office before gaining access to the rest of the building. School safety is definitely something I'm glad they focused on when designing the new school. 

Wider hallways, an overlook room for small events on the second floor, and a larger central staircase help with crowd control and a less stressful day when kids are trying to get from classroom to classroom. 

Strong community - through the school motto, the brand new Alma Mater, and school publications Berlin presents a strong community that I would love my child to be part of.  There is a yearbook app that students can upload their photos to with the possibility that those photos could be used in the regular school publications and/or yearbook.  This app is just a piece of the puzzle in their effort to help make sure everyone feels engaged and connected.

Neighborhoods in the Berlin school zone include M/I communities - Clarkshaw Moors and Clarkshaw Meadows that are now building new homes perfect for the growing family.


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