5 Best Fruit Farms For Berry Picking | 614 Mom's Guide To Summer Series | 2018

I don't know about you but one of my favorite parts of summer is all of the fresh produce. I get so excited thinking about the schedule of farmers markets coming up but my kids get really excited about berry picking.  They love going out to the fruit farm and collecting the strawberries and coming home to clean and prep them.  I let them do it all for the buckets they pick including cutting the berries - we use this safety knife that protects their little hands but also gets the job done.  I will do a longer blog post on our prep after we go picking for the first time but for now let me share with you our five favorite places to go strawberry picking.

If you're new around here let me explain - I never share ALL of the places you can go do something, only the best. I have personally been to everyone of these farms and have had a great experience.  I've also been to other farms but I don't list them because the experience wasn't great.  

berry picking columbus

Quick Tips 

-Wear close toed shoes
-Bring lots and LOTS of sunscreen
-Bring an extra outfit (including shoes) for everyone - it can get muddy so it's nice to have a back up plan. On that note throw some towels and a trash bag in the trunk just in case.
-If you can bring your own containers - plastic containers like these work wonderfully. Make sure to check in at the front so they can weigh it before you head out to the field. 


strawberry picking columbus


Hann Farms Market

Address: 4600 Lockbourne Road

Phone: 614-491-0812


Mid to late May


Mitchells Berries

Address: 9331 Mitchell Dewitt Road Plain City

Phone: 937-243-0635

Cash preferred - Cards accepted

End of May


Blue Frog Farm

Address: 5499 Sportsman Club Rd.

Phone: 740.927.8559

Cash and cards accepted

Late June through August


The Maize at Little Darby Creek

Address: 8657 Axe Handle Rd.

Milford Center, OH 43045

Phone:(937) 349-4781

Blackberry and Raspberry


Granny B Farms - Organic

Address: 7201 Tucker Rd

Centerburg, Ohio

Phone:(614) 668-5251

Cash preferred. PayPal also accepted

Early June is the expected opening date.

Raspberry and Strawberry


strawberry picking columbus
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