3 Reasons to Love Clean Juice

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614 Day

On June 14, we celebrated 6.14 Day at the newest juice bar in town.  Clean Juice is a 100% organic certified juice bar with options for every member of the family.  Cold pressed juices, smoothies, Acai bowls, and delicious bites. 614 Moms had so much fun celebrating this new juice bar while sampling smoothies, toast, and juices. We also had a dedicated station just for the kids so they could decorate their own special toast.  

The franchise owners Hailey and Nate Crowley have decided to bring Clean Juice to Columbus because they have a passion for providing healthy choices to the people of Columbus.  Clean Juice is not just another juice bar, it’s a family owned business, with people who truly believe in providing quality ingredients, healthy food, and a great experience.

While there are so many reasons to visit Clean Juice, I’m going to share my top three with you.  Maybe we’ll save the rest for the next blog post.

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The Menu

The variety of the menu is on the top of my favorite list.  I can always try something new which is something I really like.  I like having something delicious I can order and count on but I also really like being able to try something new I have a cleanse scheduled soon, so I will be sure to tell you how it goes.  I really like the Basic Smoothie, The Mangos and Cream One, and The Power Oats Bowl.

Kid Friendly

I love bringing my kids with me to visit Clean Juice.  They love the almond butter toast, complete with bananas and honey and the Basic Smoothie.  I love that I know exactly what is going into their body and that they are getting a healthy and filling snack.  

The People

From the franchise owners to the people making your food - they all truly care about making sure you have a great experience.  The juice bar is clean, welcoming, and it’s all because the people behind the counter are friendly and kind, and isn’t that a business you’d want to support? I know I do.

You can follow Clean Juice Polaris on Instagram and Facebook.  

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