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Thank you Code Ninjas Columbus for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions remain my own. 

Code Ninjas Columbus

When I first found out that Code Ninjas: Coding Center for Kids, was coming to Columbus, I was thrilled.  As parents, my husband and I feel passionate that our kids are comfortable with technology.  We want them to know how to code and how to make technology work for them as they are growing up in a tech fueled world and we feel is is beneficial that they understand how to not only use it but create it.

Code Ninjas focuses on teaching children ages 7-14 how to code while also having fun. The owner of the Hilliard location, Kyle Stuebs, is passionate about providing a space for kids to learn, create, and have fun.  Being a father himself Kyle knew there was a need for this type of programming in the Central Ohio area, and after some research he landed on Code Ninjas, a franchise based out of Texas.

Code Ninja 614 Mom
Code Ninja 614 Mom

My family actually went to the Hilliard Grand Opening and my kids had a blast. My son thought it was so cool to play Minecraft with other kids and my daughter really enjoyed building her own game.  She left asking when I plan on signing her up for the program so she can come back every week.

So what is Code Ninjas?  Code Ninjas is a coding program designed for everyone’s style.  From the flexible schedule to the way you can progress in the program - there is something for everyone. Every Ninja starts as a white belt and works all the way up to a black belt. You can drop your kid off (or stay with them) anytime between 3-7:30 for one hour up to twice a week. They head into the dojo with the senseis and get to work learning, building, and having fun. As they progress they get a new wristband and see their name progress on the leader board in the lobby.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the dojo is a student only zone but open to the parents through a large window. At Code Ninjas the students have fun and learn but they also develop friendships with other Ninjas who have similar interests.

I recently sat down with Kyle to about talk all things Code Ninjas. I learned a lot about the learning philosophy, Kyle’s passion for this business, and what makes Code Ninjas so unique.  

I’m sure I will be sharing more about Code Ninjas and maybe even all about my daughter’s experience with the program very soon.  Stay tuned, and if there is anything you’d like to know about the program leave it in the comments and I will be sure to get the answer for you!!

Code Ninja Minecraft


Eryn: How does it feel now that it’s all put together and kids are here?

Kyle: It’s so fun. When the kids start getting here around 3, it gets really fun. 

Eryn: Why Code Ninjas?

Kyle:Code Ninjas was largely because of my personal story. I’ve looked at businesses over the years, lots of different types of businesses, and what I found was that each of them was what I call, just another. Just another restaurant, just another place to get a haircut, whatever it may be and this was something that was really unique. For me personally, I didn’t want to get into just any business. It needed to be something that would help out the community, help out children, and be personally fulfilling.  

Eryn: How many location are you opening in the Central Ohio area?

Kyle: 4.  Hilliard, Powell, Westerville, and Dublin, in that order.

Eryn: What can kids take away from this program that will benefit them for a lifetime?

Kyle: One thing would be logic, so in order to get the programs to work properly you have to put it in a logical sequence in the way you lay it out.  They start off with step by step instructions so they start off with the tools they need to become the problem solver. Then we give them games they have to make without instruction, so they have to take what they’ve learned and apply it. That application part is the critical piece.

Eryn: So problem solving and logic are the two biggest things they take away for a lifetime?

Kyle: I think so, the two main things.

Eryn: The room the kids are in, parents are not allowed. What is the thought process behind that?

Kyle: We want the kids to be focused and actively learning and when parents are here they tend to be a distraction.  There is a lot of fun and camaraderie in the dojo and if parents are around I’m not sure that they would be as open and come out of their shell, high fiving each other over a game and I think it will detrate a little of the vibe we have going.  We tell parents up front, and we let them know then the dojo is a parent free zone. The kids can bring their laptop out to the lobby to share their progress with their parents. I think it’s very important to the core of what we do. 90% of parents drop off and run errands while their kids are here.  

Eryn: How can parents check progress?

Kyle: White belt can login from home to show their parents progress, when they get to yellow belt there is a parent portal so they can login and see every step of the way their child’s progress. They can also take the laptop into the lobby here at the center. We believe strongly that parents need to see results.

Eryn: Does your kid need their own laptop to come here?

Kyle: They do not. We have laptops here that are available.

Eryn: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about you and/or Code Ninjas?

Kyle: I truly believe to help kids achieve their highest potential a good partnership between public and private sector is important. The schools are doing an amazing job introducing technology and that’s part of why Hilliard made a lot of sense, because the schools here are really tech driven. With how much the world is being automated and the coding that’s happening behind the scenes to make that happen it’s important for kids to get that leg up, early on in life. It’s the time their brains are the most ready to be learning a foreign language and essentially that’s what this is.

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