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Let me paint you a picture of what the other night looked like for us.  We had just tucked our kids into bed, kisses, bedtime stories read, nightly cuddles, water, more kisses, and they were finally in bed for the night.  I sat down on the couch staring at my dishes that weren't done, the clean laundry sitting in a basket on the floor next to my couch just begging to be folded, and my to do list a mile long sitting in front of me.  My husband started to go to his home office to continue working until 1 or 2 in the morning, when he saw me start to loose it.  He made the horrible mistake of asking me what was bothering me.  That's when I lost it..."I feel like a horrible mother". He of course assured me that I am not a horrible mother and that our kids are happy, loved, well taken care of, blah blah blah.  :)  "We haven't done anything all week....I'm not doing enough with them" He thought that was a crazy statement, and he told me so.  He reminded me that our kids get to do way more than we did as kids, they get to experience so much of the world, and it is OKAY for us to spend quality time at home and not have to be out all the time. 

See, here is the the deal...we had been out of the house, I am not sure on all the places we went but I do know we had been to the grocery, out for ice cream, and other small outings. We were preparing for Kindergarten and getting my daughter's closet cleared out before school clothes shopping, playing in the backyard with the huge swing set that our kids begged us for, allowing my son to walk around in his diaper only because that's when he is happiest, playing with bubbles and chalk and just really having a good time at our house. It wasn't glamorous, there were no Instagram worthy pictures...hell, I didn't even know where my phone was most of the time.  Now that I'm looking back on that was perfect.  So, why was I so hard on myself?

Simple...because Instagram and other social media platforms makes you feel like you need to be exploring all the time, try this, do that, there is something going on in Columbus every single day and it would be so easy to find something to do on any random day. But the best don't always have to be out and about.  You can enjoy your families, make memories, smile, laugh, play, all without leaving your home.  We don't always have to be doing something extravagant for a moment to be special. Working on puzzles, helping my daughter master reading, tickle fights, and cuddle sessions are my favorite moments and for those we are at home in our sweats, messy hair, and huge smiles.  Life is good. 

Do you ever feel the same?   

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