Health and Fitness at Balanced Family Academy

We recently became a BFA family and if you’re not sure what that means let me share a little about Balanced Family Academy (BFA) with you.  Balanced Family Academy is a childcare and preschool for kids ages six weeks - kindergarten. With a balance of teacher-led and child-initiated play, positive reinforcement, and open communication it is truly the best fit for our family.  

Over the next few months I’m going to be sharing more about our experience at Balanced Family Academy and of course, if you ever have any questions email me I’m always happy to answer whatever I know and if I don’t know, I’ll ask for you.  :)


One of my favorite things about BFA is how they care about the whole family and the whole body.  As many of you know fitness is a huge part of my life and I’m passionate about creating a love of being active in my kids. BFA gives me so many convenient opportunities to make that happen by providing so many organized activities for every member of our family.  

For The Kids


The following programs are provided during the school day as part of the curriculum.  


Yoga has so many benefits for kids that will help them in school, at home, and on the playground.  Through yoga practice kids learn to be aware of their body, build concentration, increase confidence, and manage stress through breathing and meditation.  You can learn more about the benefits of yoga here.


Kids need a lot of activity and BFA has partnered with JumpBunch to provide a fun and structured exercise once a week.  The class starts with a warmup, sports activity of the week, stretching and a cool down. I love getting photos of my son during JumpBunch. I can see the joy on his face.  He’s learned a lot and gets to burn some energy.


Gymnastics helps kids with coordination, sportsmanship, discipline, and goal setting.  BFA provides the students with gymnastics 1x per week along with the other two activities listed above.   

I love that each activity that BFA offers provides different benefits to the students. I know that my kids are learning so many different skills through yoga, JumpBunch, and gymnastics while having a lot of fun in the process.  


For The Parents

BFA knows that being a parent is busy and they are here to make life easier for the BFA families.  They offer classes right around pickup time while the center is still open to allow you time to get your workout in before picking up your kiddos.

Cardio & Strength

Mondays from 5pm-5:45.  A quick workout with maximum impact. I haven't had the chance to take this class yet but it’s on my list.  I’ve heard it’s really great. I’ll report back when I experience it firsthand.


Tuesday 5pm-5:45. Get your zen on before picking up your kiddo(s).  I just wrapped up the barre class this evening and it was both challenging and fun. The perfect combo.


**If you join BFA, I’d love to have you join me in a class. Just let me know and we will schedule it.

For The Whole Family

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is offered once a month on the last Saturday of the month.  Remember all of those benefits that kids gain from yoga? Imagine how impactful it would be for your kid to be gaining confidence and learning to manage stress right next to the most important people in their lives.  My kids always love a good excuse to share their school with the rest of our family so you can count on seeing our family every single month at family yoga.


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