Our First Visit to Funky Scissors | Dublin, OH | October 2016

When I first came across Funky Scissors on social media, I was immediately excited to check it out.  When I am paying for something for my kids, I want the people I'm paying to be friendly, patient, and kind.  I want the environment to be clean, and peaceful and I just never felt like I was getting all of that plus a good haircut anywhere else, maybe I have high expectations (okay I know I do) but it's what I want.  I am so happy that Jen and her husband Todd decided to take the leap and open Funky Scissors in our community, they provide such an amazing, welcoming, environment, that is fun for the kids and relaxed for the parents.  

From the moment we walked into Funky Scissors we were all treated with such kindness from the owner, Jen, and the staff.  For the little ones, they offer fun vehicles they can sit in, such as a police car, firetruck, Barbie Jeep, and many more options, all while watching a show of their choosing on Netflix.  Funky Scissors isn't just for the little guys though, and because of that they have fun pink chairs with movie star light mirrors for the movie star in your life, and a whole row of salon chairs with Xbox consoles so your kid can play a favorite game while getting their hair cut.  So many amazing options to choose from! 

We've discussed what I look for and what impressed me, now let's get down to what my kids really loved about Funky Scissors besides the TV in the mirrors, and the fun Jeep my little guy loved sitting in.  E loved the manicure, with Zoya polish, that comes complimentary with any little girl haircut, they both loved the balloons, suckers, and fun item from the goody jar. E still wears her emoji bracelet everyday.  The lollipops are Organic, which is a huge bonus in my book.  

Funky Scissors is such a great asset to our community.  We are so lucky to have them here.

They are a locally owned, kid focused, salon and it's about time we have a GREAT option when it comes to fun haircuts for our kids.  Enjoy some of our pictures from our first visit.  

Head to their website to learn even more - and give them a call to schedule the best haircut for your kid! 614-733-9090 You won't be disappointed.  

This post is sponsored by Funky Scissors Haircuts For Kids but all opinions remain my own. 

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