Why We Choose I9 Sports For Our Kids


This weekend we wrapped up another successful year of Tball for my little guy with I9 Sports in East Columbus.  It just hit me that it was his last season of tball because moving forward he will be participating in coach pitch baseball.  It’s so weird to think that my mommy’s boy will be playing baseball. There’s something so different about calling it baseball vs. tball.   Anyways let’s move on…

After two wonderful seasons I thought I would share a few of the reasons we choose I9 Columbus East as the league best for our child. As you know, I research E V E R Y T H I N G. My view is that if I’m sending my kids somewhere it better be safe, fun, and high quality.  Also, if I’m spending good money on an extracurricular activity I expect good communication, highly organized team, and friendly staff. There are definitely other things I look for depending on the program but those are my initial standards. I9 Columbus East meet and exceeds those standards over and over again.  

Friendly Staff

When you arrive on game day you are greeted by a table with two-three I9 staff members ready to point you in the right direction, answer any questions, and search for an extra hat if your son lost his (wait that may be on a case by case basis haha).  From there you head to meet your coach and we are getting ready to be on our third season with the same coach because he’s so awesome. My son loves Coach Matt and event talks about him throughout the week. “I can’t wait to show Coach Matt my new toy” “Coach Matt calls me OG” the list could go on and on...

Side Note: If everyone starts requesting Coach Matt now and Owen doesn’t get him next season I’m going to really regret mentioning his name! :)



Excellent Communication

We’ve been through a few other programs with our older daughter and none of them hold a candle to I9 Columbus East.  They send us weekly reminder emails, text us the day before game day, and that table you’re greeted with at the beginning of each practice/game is staffed with highly trained staff members who know their stuff.


Quality Program

The coaching staff is top notch.  My son has learned so much over the last few years and I couldn’t be happier with the knowledge he gained.  He is passionate about the sport and truly loves going every Saturday morning.


So. Much. Fun.

My son has had so much fun this summer and as a mom that was definitely a highlight of the program. I want him to have fun while learning so he wants to go back and has the confidence to try new things.  


It’s SO adorable

Let’s get real for a minute I love all of the above perks of the program but the best part for me?  Watching my 4 year old play in the dirt completely ignoring the ball, watching him hit the ball from the Tee and run with the bat all the way to first base - dropping it just in time to *almost* trip his coach (on accident of course), and running over mid game to hug his mama! :)



If you’re looking for a quality program I highly recommend I9 Sports Columbus Easton. The Houstons have created a top of the line program and I am so thankful they are sharing their program with all of us.  

Eryn Gilson2 Comments