Jumping Into Summer With Confidence

If you are a regular reader you probably know we are a Goldfish Family, if you haven't read about our love for Goldfish yet you can read about it, here, here , or here. We've hosted birthday parties at Goldfish, attended Friday Family Swim, family swim during the week, and of course our beloved swim lessons. One thing we had not tried yet were Jump Start Clinics.  

Let me start by saying when we first started at Goldfish Swim School, my kids had never taken a swim lesson.  They love (and we all love) to swim but they had not taken one single formal swim lesson.  I had one child who was very anxious and quite terrified to get in the water but LOVED it from a distance and one who couldn't swim very well but acted as if they were Michael Phelps. ;-) We needed an expert in the field to help us with both children and after a year of swim lessons I can say confidently that we got that and so much more.  Both of my kids are confident in the water, and know enough about water and water safety to be cautious around water but not scared of it. 

The gym we go to has a huge slide attached to their outdoor pool that my oldest really wanted to go down last summer but to be able to go down you have to meet a few requirements and last summer she just wasn't quite ready. To be able to slide down you have to swim an entire lane, without touching the side of the pool, and without a life jacket. Throughout the winter she has been "training" for this, she hasn't stopped talking about it, and every day we go to swim lessons she reminds me how she's one step closer to sliding down the "fun slide" at our gym.  My husband and I really wanted to set her up for success and help her with that goal so we signed her up for a Jump Start Clinic at Goldfish.  Best. Decision. Ever.  This girl ended the week with so much confidence and had an entire week 

What are Jump Start Clinics at Goldfish, you ask? Well, it's an entire month of swim lessons packed into one week.  Instead of going for 30 minutes once a week, you go everyday for 30 minute lessons each day.  For my oldest it was really beneficial because she was able to work on her goal every single day and by the end she had the confidence to give it her best shot and you know what? She mastered it.  She is looking forward to showing those lifeguards her progress and spending the summer by the pool, sliding down the slide, and jumping into the water.  Because she has the confidence and the strength.  

I personally found the Jump Start Clinic so effective because we were also attending regular swim lessons at Goldfish.  I firmly believe that even without attending regular swim lessons the clinic would have helped tremendously. 

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