Fall Favorites | Leed's Farm | 2017

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Every single year, my family and I head out to Delaware to visit one of our favorite Fall Farms in the area, Leeds Farm.  Our first visit was in 2013, when I was pregnant with my son, thanks to a recommendation from two of our really wonderful friends (Hey, Alice and Rory). It's been our favorite ever since. It's now a family tradition that every year in the fall we head to Leeds Farm for pumpkins, rides, tractors, and more and then head over to Son Of Thurman's for a delicious lunch.  Like many traditions this one warms my heart, just pulling into Leeds brings back so many memories, like that one time, at 6 months pregnant, I got on the banana bus ride with my daughter or the first hayride my son ever went on.  Leeds holds so many wonderful memories for us, and I'm sure they will for you as well. 

This year marks our 5th year going to Leed's and I've learned a thing or two so I'm sharing my top 5 tips to help you prepare for your trip to Leeds! 

Get there early! The lines can get long, even to get in when they open at 10 am, and avoiding the crowd is nearly impossible, but if you get there early you can hop on your favorite things first without much of a line. 

Take CASH! My husband and I are so bad at remembering to do this, but it's a must.  The petting zoo, only takes cash and please learn from me there is nothing worse than a 3 year old who wants to feed a goat and his mama doesn't have a one dollar bill.  

They have bathrooms with running water and toilets that flush! That may not be a selling point for you, but for our family it totally is. My kids don't do porta potties. They also have a baby changing station!!! Head to the very front of the house, where they sell the kettle corn and it's right in there. Look for the sign! 

You MUST visit the barn by the pedal cars, for the best treats.  Apple Cider slushies, pumpkin donuts, cupcakes, pie, and other yummy foods.  

If you want to visit just to see the animals or buy pumpkins, you don't have to pay for admission.  They welcome you to do those things, for free, or well for the price of your pumpkins :) 

BONUS TIP: Save your pumpkin picking for last, and make sure to use the wagon! You'll thank me later. 

Important Facts

Open weekends only September 23-October 29
10 am - 5 pm
Kids Ages 3-18 $12
Adults 19-54 $10
Kids 2 and under and adults 55+  FREE
Parking  FREE

They have so many fun things to do for every member of your family.  Combine Slide, Hayrides, Farm Animals, Pedal Carts, Mountain Slides, Tube Time, Banana Bus, Corn Boxes, The Big Zip, Mini Zips, Straw Barn, Pumpkin Jump, and so much more. Oh, and kettle corn. LOVE kettle corn, I'm actually munching on it as I write this. :) 





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