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It’s been the talk of the town for months now...LEGOLAND Discovery Center as the newest addition to Easton Town Center and after getting to visit today, I can officially say it’s worth all of the hype.  LEGOLAND is exactly the type of business Easton has been needing - a place I can take my kids to play, a break from the shopping and eating, and a place we can spend the entire day. LEGOLAND Columbus officially opens next week and we can finally celebrate all of the fun it’s bringing to our city.  


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We’ve never been to a LEGOLAND Discovery Center so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but after taking my youngest two through today and getting the chance to see firsthand what it’s all about I’m ready to buy a membership and my son is dying to have his birthday party here.  There’s a lot you can do here so let’s jump right into some of the best part of LEGOLAND Columbus.

Factory Tour 

The Factory Tour is TOP Secret but what I can tell you is that you get a behind the scenes look at how LEGOS are made.  My son who is 4 loved this area.


When we walked into Miniland the first thing that I saw was the beautiful replica of the Ohio Statehouse and I was immediately filled with joy.  If you don’t know - my husband and I got married at the Statehouse and it is by far my favorite building in all of Ohio.  They have a lot of other fun Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati landmarks like COSI, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Easton, and of course Ohio Stadium. It’s not a space you just walk through - oh no! They have boat races, glowing tours that change from day to night, and even a way to play a little football! :)

osu at legoland columbus
book loft legoland

 LEGO Friends

If my oldest would have been with us I know this would have been her favorite spot. This space has large flowers on the wall dedicated to each Lego friend to tables of LEGOS complete with multiple build books at each table, and a view of Heartlake City.  

Earthquake Tables  

I thought this area was really cool. Build your creation and then test it by simply hitting a button and watching it shake. Will your tower be able to make it through?

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Perfect for ages 2-5.  My 19 month old loved sliding down the slide and building with bricks that were the perfect size for her.  This area is right next to Lego Friends, Lego Racers, Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. 

 LEGO Racers

I thought I was never getting my husband and son away from this area.  Here you can build your car and test it on the tracks.  They had so much fun working together to build the fastest car possible.

legoland columbus


Other things we loved


City Play Area

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

DUPLO Village

legoland columbus


Things we didn’t get to try yet


4D Theater

Kingdom Quest

Creative Workshop


Let’s talk food and drink now that I’ve told you all of the ways you can stay at LEGOLAND - ALL DAY LONG. LEGOLAND Columbus does not allow outside food or drink (except in the case of allergies and babies) but they do have a wonderful coffee shop filled with drinks, snacks, sandwiches, and cute little LEGO lunch boxes that make the perfect souvenir. They offer a Kids Meal Deal for $8 that includes a kids sandwich, snack, and drink - for an additional $4 you can add on the LEGO lunchbox.  

what to eat legoland


LEGOLAND Columbus has really thought of everything.  I’m really impressed with the facility and the level of detail put into each and everything.  I’m sold - we are totally buying annual passes for our family.  Will I see you there? What’s something you’re really loving about LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Easton?  Would you like to see a Cost Analysis on this space? Tell me in the comments. 


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