Our Favorite Spots for Mother/Son Dates

A little over a year ago I shared a list of awesome mother/daughter date ideas and I’ve been meaning to write this mother/son date list ever since but...life.  So today I’m sharing some of my son’s favorite places to go when it’s just him and I. Spending special one on one time with my kids is so important to me, and now it’s something my kids count on so I have a feeling we will be adding a Volume 2 of this list sooner than later.  

Remember, it's not always about what you do or how much money you spend, it's about spending quality time just the two of you. These are memories he will look back and remember.

My Son’s Favorite Spots


Life Time Fitness for Swimming & Smoothies - He loves the kids sunrise smoothie. You can get a guest pass at Life Time by mentioning 614 Mom

Duck Donuts to order custom donuts. My little guy loves Duck Donuts the most because he enjoys watching them make the donuts and they are SO delicious.   

Picnics at the Park - He picks a different park every time but we pack a picnic or pick up mac n cheese from Panera and go eat and play.   Some of his favorite parks that encourage adventure (which he loves) are Blendon Woods Metro Park, Glacier Ridge, Woodside Green Park in Gahanna, and Shale Hollow Park (Delaware) perfect for exploring the creek.  We sometimes bring the soccer ball and play a little pick up game just the two of us! :)

mother son dates columbus ohio

Hilliard Ice Cream Trail - adding a new stamp to our ice cream passport is always a favorite.

Franklin Park Conservatory Children’s Garden - This is a great spot to go with your whole family but Owen really loves this for time with just mom because he can run and explore at his own pace.  There’s even a climbing rope that he likes to climb while pretending he’s Spider-Man.

mother son dates franklin park conservatory columbus ohio
childrens garden franklin park conservatory

Zip Zone’s new Kids Adventure Park - We could play here for hours.  With so many different obstacles, Owen stays active four hours and is always ready for a good lunch and nap after.  Here is the blog post I did on the adult adventure park - the kids park is a lot lower and perfect for ages 4-7. 

The Zoo - It’s very rare that we go here just the two of us but when we do, my little guy LOVES it.  He gets to see only his favorite animals and explore at his own pace which is a little slower than his big sister. He loves to slowly explore everything, sit and watch the bugs, read the descriptions of the animals and soak it all in.

Color Me Mine - My little guy is normally all about running, exploring, and being WILD, but he also enjoys having quiet intentional time and that’s exactly what we get at Color Me Mine.  He LOVES when we go. They have so many fun options that he loves from animals to Superheroes and everything in between.

Special time with your kids doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, it doesn’t have to require 8 hours, or even leaving your house.  Sometimes it’s just as amazing to go in your backyard and kick the soccer ball around or stay in and color or work on a science project.  

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