Swim Zip Wins The Heart Of 614 Mom and Her Babies

As someone with red hair, freckles, and really fare skin I have always been very sensitive to the sun, 5 minutes into the pool and I've got a burn...it makes summer a lot harder to enjoy for me.  While my kids got a lot of my many excellent traits ;) one thing they inherited from me that I wish they wouldn't have is their very sensitive skin.  I hate that they will grow up with the same reservations about being in the sun too long, lathering on sun skin every 5 seconds, and just wishing they could tan like so many of their friends. I spent a lot of time in a swim suit on the beach with a baggy t shirt over my swim suit to protect my skin - how annoying is that? When I had my kiddos I figured they would be wearing my t shirts around the beach or pool to protect their beautiful skin but I am so happy to be wrong about that.  When I saw SwimZIp on Shark Tank - I was immediately sold on purchasing these swim suits for my kids but after sending an email to the company and getting a personal response from the founder I realized that this company isn't just about the bottom line, Bestsy truly has a passion for her business and she has made me a lifetime customer with her passion for sun safety and true dedication to her customers. 

Betsy was diagnosed with skin cancer at age 26 and instead of letting the tears and fear scare her, she saw this as an opportunity to help others protect themselves and their children from harmful UV rays.  Swim Zip is a clothing line dedicated to providing families with easy to use safe swim wear, with the full zipper on the front of the rash guard shirts, to the UPF 50+ on all of their clothing, and the stylish designs, you can't go wrong with Swim Zip.  SwimZip comes in all sizes, from 0M-size 16 in girls and boys as well as a women's line (which is new since I ordered our first swim zips 2 years ago) and the designs are innovate and unique. 

My kids and I love the kids' clothing, my daughter can easily put her swim suit on with no help and loves the pretty pink flower on the top and bottom, even when we go to indoor pools or just playing at the park, it's Emmalyn's go to swim suit.  Owen has the cutest Swim Zip, complete with shark teeth on the bottom! They both have long sleeve Swim Zips and I was worried that they would complain about it being too hot with the sleeves but so far (two years later) so good.  I can't wait to get my hands on the round blanket, that looks perfect for a day at the pool, splash pad, or beach, and a cover up for me. I'm tired of wearing old t shirts over my swim suits! ;-) 



Eryn GilsonComment