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One of my favorite events in Columbus is The Moonlight Market, it’s held the second Saturday of every month from April through October on Gay Street in downtown Columbus.  The brick-and-mortar businesses stay open late and over 100 sidewalk vendors come out to share their businesses with the thousands who come out.  My husband and I go almost every month and we really enjoy the live music while walking through and visiting some amazing local artists.  


The Moonlight Market is also more than just a pop up shop, it is there because in 2013 the Gay Street Collaborative (GSC) founded it to showcase the businesses on Gay Street.  The Moonlight Market is a fundraiser for the GSC and supporting the businesses on that second Saturday, supports the small business economy.  


None of this would be possible though without the incredible support of Telhio Credit Union.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this about me, but I love supporting our community in anyway I can including a lot of volunteer work - and as I am out and about, I frequently see “Presented by Telhio Credit Union” and I was intrigued so I emailed them to see what all they are involved in and I was not surprised to find out that while they do have some key events that they do every year - they also leave a lot of what they get behind up to their employees and the community. They put together a team called T.A.G. (Telhio Advocacy Group) and it allows employees the ability to help organize and support different charitable efforts. That team meets often to support the bigger events like, Feed the Dream, and the smaller events, like the Brain Tumor 5K that they participated in early in June.   If there is an employee that has an event or organization close to their heart Telhio will quickly review it through T.A.G. and offer support however they can whether that’s helping gather volunteers or sponsoring the event. Telhio, if you’re ever looking for a non-employee to be on T.A.G. I’m your girl.  ;)

I found out about Telhio Credit Union’s community outreach mainly after seeing them frequently at Moonlight Market, but after doing my research I fell in love with them after finding out that the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio is as close to their hearts as it is mine.  As a family we collect pop tabs year round for the Ronald McDonald House and Telhio does the same in all of their branches.  They also help sponsor Ronald McDonald House dinners.  Telhio you’ve won my love forever.  

I could honestly go on forever about the amount of events Telhio participates in but I think what is really important to note is that Telhio is dedicated and passionate about our community just like so many of you are.  Telhio is a vital part of our community and we are lucky to have them here.

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