Date Night | The Kitchen | September 2016

Do you have that one place that you've been dying to try but haven't got the chance?  For me that is a date night at The Kitchen.  Finally the stars aligned and Riley and I headed there for date night last weekend.  I love a good date night with my husband, and I am not a typical dinner and a movie girl! I'm more of a - let's try something new and different, talk, laugh, be adventurous, type of girl and this participatory dinner totally fit into my type of date night.  Luckily for me Riley is the same way so he also really enjoyed our date night at The Kitchen as well. 

We were there for the Bourbon Tasting Dinner and were welcomed with a nice glass of bourbon, given our table number, and directed to the Cheese and Charcuterie board.  We chatted with the other people at our table until Jen and Anne, the owners, got our attention to start the night.  They explained each dish and how much work would be needed, that way people like my dear sweet husband, weren't thrown into a very difficult part and those who were already a few bourbons in could stay away from the knives. :-)  My husband and I joined another couple and we all chopped onions, and patty pan squash.  It was so fun getting to stand next to Riley and cook dinner together, without one of us having to keep an eye on the kids.  Once the squash was cut in halves, and the onions were chopped we headed over to the cheese and chatcuterie board to talk with some new friends, while other members of our large (40 person) dinner party tried their hand at things like making a chocolate crust for dessert or dipping the tomatoes in batter and cooking them to perfection.  They really were perfect - the fried green tomatoes were my favorite part of the entire meal. YUM!!!! 

Our dinner looked a little something like this...

Pickled Cherries with Arugula and Shaved Pecorino
Fried Green Tomato with Goat Cheese and Crispy Prosciutto
Harissa Pork Tenderloin with Minted Yogurt, Saffron Scented Couscous with Pine Nuts and Patty Pan Squash with Braised Onions, Tomatoes and Chorizo
Apple Galette in a Chocolate Crust with Salted Caramel and Bourbon Whipped Cream

** I am a vegetarian and I told them when we reserved our spots, so they were able to accommodate my restriction.  I am very appreciative.


Enjoy some of our pictures, I couldn't take a lot because I had to keep my hands clean to help with food prep and just to be in the moment with my husband and our new friends.   

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