Scioto Greenways Grand Opening

For those who don't know the Main Street Dam was removed in 2013 and was followed by many, many hours of construction.  After a long wait and a lot of hard work they have finally opened up the Scioto Greenways with an amazing bike path that connects The Ohio River to Lake Erie - which I think is so cool. The Grand Opening was Tuesday, November 10th and it was awesome!  They had face painting, balloon animals, kayaking, cookies and coffee, and lots of other things to do.  We really enjoyed it and we can't wait for the warmer weather so we can spend even more time there. Columbus Kayak was there and they even made kayaking look fun again (bad experience once - but hoping to try it again soon).  I may have to try it again down there.  

If you haven't been yet, go and check it out! Let me know what you think!  

Here are some of our pictures from the day.  These are just Iphone photos - it was cold so I didn't bust out the big camera but I still wanted to share!! Enjoy :-) 


Eryn GilsonComment