Amy's Princess Parties

When I first came across Amy's Princess Parties, she was mainly doing Elsa from Frozen and Cinderella, and while my daughter loved those Princesses they weren't her favorite.  I emailed Amy and asked her if she happened to have Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and her response made me immediately want to book her services.  She said "Not currently but I would buy the dress if I had someone who booked a party... What day is your party??"  I told her, yes of course consider yourself booked, buy the dress, Sleeping Beauty has to be at this party.  My daughter is set on it.  

Amy is one of a kind.  She is so sweet and sincere.  I absolutely loved working with her to create my little girl's dream birthday party.  Amy cared so deeply about making my daughter's dreams come true. She arrived as Princess Aurora and never broke character.  Watching her interact with my daughter and the other little girls at the party was magical, the look on their faces, the joy, and the love.  

Amy's Princess Parties offers so many selections from Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, and of course Sleeping Beauty.  

I highly recommend Amy and her company.  I trust her because of her passion, her vision, and her love for others.  She does great work for the community and she is the princess of choice for The Ohio State Fair, so if she looks familiar that may be where you've seen her.  

Eryn GilsonComment