Land Grant Brewery | 614 Wedding | 10 Part Series

It only makes sense that I start this 10 part series with the event that kicked off wedding weekend, our rehearsal dinner!! Honestly, Riley and I wanted to scrap the entire rehearsal dinner at the beginning of planning but my mom (who was amazing during wedding planning) told us that we would regret it, if we didn't do something.  We thought it over and the two things that kept coming back was that we wanted to be able to be able to invite everyone who was in town for the wedding plus the wedding party and for it to heavily focused on our city, that we love so much.  We don't get to see our families very often and we really wanted that extra time with them because we knew the wedding would be crazy busy and we wouldn't get to spend the time with them that we would like to, it was also important to us that they get a glimpse of why we love Columbus so much.

We searched high and low for a place that fit our personalities and allowed us the flexibility to have so many people come and go, and just hang out and visit instead of a formal dinner. When we found Land Grant Brewery I knew this was it.  The atmosphere was inviting, the seating was family style, and their patio has a fire pit. I thought it was perfect for a party in January.  Lauren, from Land Grant, helped me with everything from coordinating with the food truck to make sure they had something everyone would enjoy, to explaining the best way to do drink tickets, and everything in between.  She was so helpful and friendly, and running into her at the airport while we were leaving for our honeymoon was an added bonus. :-) 

Land Grant Taproom and Brewery opened in October 2014.  They love Columbus, as much as we do, and it definitely shows. Land Grant has an amazing selection of food trucks that they love to support.  Their food truck schedule can be found on their website.    

Land Grant holds a really special place in our hearts after that night and we see many visits in our future! :) Enjoy some of the pictures from the night! There are more pictures to come! 

Do you love Land Grant?  What is your favorite part? 

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