Dear Monday

Monday, I love you! You are a fresh start, a clean slate, and you bring so much happiness and potential.  I've always loved the potential Mondays bring, I wake up ready to conquer the week both as a business owner and mom and I just LOVE it.  I spend my Monday mornings, preparing for a successful week ahead.  I make lists, set goals, plan activities, and try to get all the laundry done. I'm sharing seven important (and not so important) pieces to the puzzle when planning the week ahead.  

What I'm reading this week: Big Girl Pants: A Woman's Guide to Strutting toward the Life She Craves

What I'm watching: Big Little Lies on HBO 

Who I'm listening to: Betty Who - The Valley - I seriously jam out to this daily.  While I'm folding laundry, working out, and riding solo in the car.  

A New Adventure: We are going to head about 50 minutes out of town for pony rides. The kids are so excited. 

New food we're trying: The kids LOVE to bake and cook so this week we are going to put our KitchenAid Pasta Attachment to good use. 

This weeks goal: I am hoping to get Elizabeth on a better sleep schedule, so I can spend more time with my older two kiddos. 

Something I'm researching: I have a BIG goal this week and I am researching two products to help me, the Owlet monitor and this video monitor.  Do you have experience with either one of those?  Tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

I find that making lists, putting my goals on paper, putting pen to paper, makes me more successful throughout the week. Life is chaotic enough, I have my paper calendar for myself, my Icloud calendar that connects with friends for playdates, and Google calendar with Riley for our family stuff, and if I don't start my week off focused my whole week gets thrown off. How do you prepare for the week?  What are you reading this week? Share with me in the comments.  :-)