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I have a list of what I like to call "The Columbus Staples", on that list are the spots in Columbus that you can count on everyday. You are always guaranteed a good time and Columbus wouldn't be the same without them.  On that list is one of our favorite places ever - COSI.  My kids are obsessed with COSI, they would happily go every single day if our schedule allowed. From the little kidspace® to the Planetarium and everything in between, my kids are always happy when we're there.  

Right now one of our favorite places in COSI is the little kidspace®. The little kidspace® allows my kids a safe space to explore using dramatic play, water play, and so much more. They even have a safe section for the tiny babies, against the window, near the yellow COSI truck.  This space is specifically for younger children, older siblings (2nd grade-age 11 are welcome in the adjoining room, BigKid Lab). Safety is extremely important with COSI, so be ready to check in when you get there, you will be given a piece of paper with the amount of kids you have with you, and you must have that upon exiting.  

We always start out in the farm-to-table area, where my kids pretend to go to the farmers market, make dinner, milk a cow, and everything else their little imaginations dream up.  We then head to the art room, throw on a smock and start creating.  Of course, what's a trip to little kidspace® without splashing in the water? PRO TIP: They do have rain jackets there for you to throw on - but just in case, they also have a free dryer for your use if you or your little one get wet.  

Once you're done exploring that area, you can finally head to the other half of little kidspace®, where The Clinic is located.  There they can fly a helicopter, drive an ambulance, examine X-Rays, and so much more.  I somehow always need a really invasive surgery after being seen at The Clinic, anyone else out there with Silly-itis? I've had it for years and it's only ever discovered at The Clinic by Dr. E and Dr. O. 

Luckily, COSI knows what we need as parents to make sure our little ones who are playing so hard can stay well taken care of without having to leave little kidspace®. They have provided a space to snack and have some down time complete with tables, chairs, and vending machines, a calm and quiet nursing room with toys for older siblings, and restrooms large enough to bring the stroller in without getting stuck. 

This space was seriously a game changer for me when I became a stay at home mom and I don't think we will ever give up our membership.  Have you been to little kidspace®?  What's your favorite part, or your child's favorite part? 

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