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As you know, I am always looking for new and exciting things to do with my family and finding the hidden gems of Columbus is a passion of mine, which is why I’m so excited to share one of my new favorite places with you, Amaze. The Columbus Escape Experience.  


On a cold January night we dropped the baby off with family and headed to Amaze with our two oldest children (ages 7 & 4).  My husband and I had been wanting to try it for date night, but after some research we found that all the options are family friendly, and doing it with our kids sounded really fun.

Amaze offers three themes that you can choose from, Gallery Swipe, Boat Break, and Fashion Week and one thing they all have in common is that they are all based right here in Columbus.  Gallery Swipe, focuses on Gallery Hop in The Short North, Boat Break includes the Scioto Mile, and Fashion Week is all about the amazing Fashion Week we have in Columbus.  As someone who loves this city, I think this feature adds so much value and a lot of fun.

For our first experience we decided to do Gallery Swipe.  It was a ton of fun and I’m so glad we started with that one.  We really had to think outside the box for the clues and it does get challenging.  I’m really competitive so letting the clock run out was not an option for my family.  Spoiler Alert: We got out just in time and I was very happy about that.  

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Gallery Swipe is focused on a famous Columbus based artist who is scheduled to unveil his new painting during Gallery Hop.  Everyone suspects it is his biggest competitor but there is no evidence so you are part of an ‘off the record’ mission.  You have 60 minutes to find clues, work through problems, and solve the puzzle.  We had so much fun completing this mission and now just looking at the photos I'm reminded of how excited my daughter got when she found a clue in one of the most unsuspecting places.  

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Without going into too much detail about the space or the room (because I don’t want to give anything away) I will share a few key things about our experience.  


1. It was perfect to do with the kids, our oldest absolutely LOVED it. She’s always really loved puzzles and scavenger hunts so this was really exciting for her. I can't wait to take her back. 

2. You will need to think outside the box.  The clues will require that, so make sure to come with an open mind and a willingness to consider all aspects of game.  

3. You can ask for hints and the people behind the camera will type a little message on the computer.  You only get three clues so use them wisely.

4. There are no physical challenges as part of the game.

5. The rooms are not scary at all, and there is a release button you can use to open the door. 

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Amaze is also the perfect place for birthday parties, team building, family time, and date night.  We already have plans to go back with friends (without the kids) and I can’t wait. I think we’re going to try the Boat Break next.  Stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram because soon they will be launching an outdoor experience and I will be sure to share the details.  Be sure to follow Amaze on Facebook and Instagram as well.  

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