5 Reasons I Love Life Time Fitness

My first experience with Life Time Fitness was actually thanks to a friend of mine.  She had an extra guest pass so she invited me to take one of her favorite group fitness classes with her, TCX.  The class was wonderful and definitely made me sweat but what made me really fall in love with Life Time were the people. It was very clear to me that what set this gym a part from many others was the connection everyone shared.  The childcare staff start to become close friends, you find yourself making sure you’re always in every class with your favorite group fitness instructor, you go from friendly to friends with that person in the locker room who is also there everyday at 9 am, and the list could go on and on.  

Fast forward three years later, I’m a member of Lifetime and have spent the last three years enjoying all the perks that Life Time has to offer.  It may sound a little silly but Life Time allows me to essentially do it all.  We’ve spent countless mornings at the gym so I can get my workout in, while my kids are safe and happy in the childcare area, I’ve enjoyed the LifeSpa, the LifeCafe (the Sunrise Smoothie is delicious), family nights, and yes, even date nights.  I’ll dive into each of these a little more so you can get a feel for exactly what there is to love about Life Time.  



Everyone has very different goals when it comes to fitness, and those goals can change in an instant.  For example February 2016 I was training for a half marathon and then six months later (2 months before the half) I was put on bedrest and my focus had to change dramatically.  Currently, I am working towards getting back to my pre baby weight, and running the half in October.  Life Time has been able to help me along with each stage of my goals, weight loss, endurance training, strength training, and so much more.  I try to take 3 group fitness classes per week and then workout on my own 2-3 days a week.  My favorite classes right now are Gluteus Maxout, Life Barre, and Strike!

Photo by:  HB Photography

Photo by: HB Photography

Family Time

Life Time has a wonderful indoor pool that is the perfect spot for family time.  There have been many days when we are trying to decide what to do and we end up at the pool.  The pool is heated, they have towels, and a nice family locker room to shower and change.  I’ve posted a few photos of the pool on Instagram and I always get so many messages after - people love it!! Lifetime also offers Dive In Movies, a Daddy/Daughter Dance, and so much more! Most of the extra events are open to nonmembers as well so if you’re looking for fun things to do make sure you’re following them on Instagram. Of course, I will always share as well.  

Kids & Family

When you sign up for a membership you can add the kids on for a small price and with that you get 2 hours of childcare per day.  There was a time in my life when that two hours was heavenly.  I was able to workout, and then shower and get ready ALONE!! I will hopefully get back to that very soon when my youngest can go longer than an hour without her mama! ;-) The Kids & Family department also offers birthday parties, summer camps, swim, and one day camps when the kiddos don’t have school but work is not closed.  

Date Night  

This may sound crazy but when we don’t have a sitter but we still want enjoy some time just the two of us, my husband and I will drop our kids off in the childcare area and go swim laps, or hit the rock climbing wall, and then grab some food in the cafe. It combines two things we really love, being active and spending time just the two of us.  

Photo by:  HB Photography

Photo by: HB Photography

LifeSpa & LifeCafe

The LifeCafe is pretty much amazing, the smoothies, the $10 tea tumbler in the summer (with unlimited refills), the kids pizza, along with all of the other wonderful snacks and food they offer.  I recently tried a new panini and it was delicious, I’m looking forward to ordering that again real soon.  I highly recommend the almond butter smoothie, or the sunrise smoothie.

The LifeSpa allows me the ability to schedule my eyebrow wax right after a workout while my kids are still in childcare.  This is a game changer because how many salons do you know that offers ONSITE childcare?  INSIDER TIP: If you are not a member of Life Time you can still schedule an appointment at the LifeSpa and drop your kids off in the childcare area for free! Seriously, how amazing is that?  The Dublin location offers hair services and spa services and the Easton location offers only spa services (waxing, facials, etc.)


I could go on and on about how much I love Life Time but I think I will leave the rest of it for Part 2.  Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram as I share even more day to day stuff that yes does include all of the wonderful things we do at Lifetime.  

If you want to give Life Time a try just head on in and mention ‘614 Mom’ and you will get a guest pass to try it all out.  Let me know if you do and maybe we could take a class together.  


Photo by:  HB Photography

Photo by: HB Photography