Saturdays are for Baseball

One day we woke up and our baby boy was a T-Ball playing little boy with his adorable baseball pants and green baseball glove. Our Saturday mornings went from cartoons and snuggles to cheering him on from the sidelines as he smiles at us, always so proud of himself. He plays in the dirt a lot and has to be reminded to pay attention and get "baseball ready", he drops his glove as he eagerly runs towards the ball in hopes of being the first one to it, and he runs to give me kisses in the middle of his game but he is so happy when he's playing and learning. He melts me, every single day.

You guys know me, you know that I do my research and really try to find the best places for my kids and signing Owen up for baseball was no different.  I really wanted a program that focused on the fun. Of course, I wanted him to learn about baseball but I wanted a program that was both educational and fun.  

Every Saturday morning we arrive at Woodside Green park in Gahanna and Owen joins his team on the practice field and after a little bit of time they head to the field where they play their game.  I can't even explain how much pride we have watching our little guy on the field.  

The coaches really help make the program as amazing as it is. They have so much patience, the best personalities and skill. Oh and did I mention patience? :) I've seen so many little guys on the team playing in the dirt, throwing baseball helmets, but the entire time the coaches are positive and excited about baseball and it shows. 

The coaches and staff with @i9_sports (East Columbus) are top notch. I am confident that this is the correct league for him and for our whole family. I am already planning on signing Owen up next year as well and we will  be signing up through the I9 Columbus East Program.