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This post is sponsored by ZipZone but all thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own. 

I really enjoying getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, exploring in new ways, and challenging myself.  This weekend we did all of those things and more at the new ZipZone Adventure Park right here in Columbus.

It wasn't what I expected at all, I thought we would just fly through it, I mean we love ziplining so this should be easy, right? Not quite.  We started off on what the guide described as the "easy" trail - well I got two steps in, and walked back convinced I couldn't do it.  Tears. Mainly tears of embarrassment as there were guides all around offering encouragement, my husband who was already all the way across now coming back to sit with me,  and a line of other people waiting to go.  So I stopped, I took a step back and watched everyone from the starting point.  I wasn't going to give up, I just needed a minute.  This was weird for me, but I knew what I needed. I needed to watch for a moment, see how the different elements worked with other people on them, before I tried them myself.  In life, I find that sometimes taking a moment and evaluating the situation so I can make careful and calculated moves helps immensely, and this situation was no different. 

When I was ready I got up, hooked myself up to the yellow course, I was going to start small and move forward as I felt comfortable, and took off.  Cody, a guide who believed in me and promised to stay with me for the first few elements on the ground offering encouragement was there, my husband behind me this time, and a harness that was not going to let me down, and I was ready to go.  The first two elements were a challenge because I was getting used to it but after that I felt my confidence skyrocket and I was ready to go.  We finished the yellow course and moved up to the green trail - there were a few elements that challenged me  but that's exactly what you want out of this experience.  You want to be challenged, you want to try something new, if it were easy it wouldn't be as much fun. 

I want to give a huge shout out to Cody who stayed with me for the first few elements to encourage me. It was so comforting knowing that I had him within earshot to ask questions, or save me if I started to dangle (which I didn't). :-) Thank you Cody! 

I finished two courses and watched my husband on the Blue course, which is the most challenging,and then we headed home.  I left really proud of myself, it may have taken me a little longer than others but I finished not one but two courses.  So how does this all work? 

When you arrive you get checked in, sign your waivers, and head out to get your harness.  Once everyone is there for your time slot they start a safety training and then you head out to the course.  You're on your own. There is a large tree house like platform that you walk up to, and pick your course.  They have yellow (easiest), green (easy), another green, and blue, in about a week or so black which is supposed to be amazing.  You can go at your own pace, explore however you'd like. Do as many courses as you can fit into your two hours.  I asked a lot about the training of the guides during my down time while watching my husband on the blue course and learned so many fun facts, like the guides have timed runs on the different elements so they can get to someone in need ASAP.  That was really comforting to me, they also have a cool little device that can get you down in the middle of a course should you need it.  

When I was scared for the first 5 minutes, I looked at my husband and told him that if our kids were there I would want them to see my conquer my fear. I did conquer my fear and I was able to tell my daughter all about it when we got home and she thought it was amazing and was so proud of her mama.  If you're looking for a new challenge I would highly recommend this.  It was a really cool experience and I would go back in a second. 


Ready to rock it!  


So so pretty!!  


Killin' It ;) 


Blue Course! Riley said this one was the hardest element for him.  


Cody - the best guide in the whole place!  


We did it!!